DocuSign 2016

DocuSign Global Meeting - 3 for 1

DocuSign is a household name when it comes to being a trusted service for electronic signatures. With over 85 million users worldwide and growing, DocuSign has had a 30 percent growth in their workforce to keep up with the demand. This growth meant they had a much higher number of attendees at their 2016 Global Meeting. In the past, DocuSign managed the logistics and production of their global meetings internally, but because of the increased size of the event, they knew they would need to bring in a trusted partner this time. DocuSign turned to Vision to be that trusted partner.

Their 2016 Global Meeting was actually 3 events in 1. The gathering started with an All-Hands Meeting bringing their entire workforce into one grand ballroom where they heard from their Executive Team. The next day, attendees were split off to two different events that ran concurrently; Sales Kickoff to energize their sales force, and Connect, for their engineers to “connect” and share ideas. Internal meetings with this many moving parts can send almost any organization into a logistical panic, but it’s these kinds of events where Vision really gets excited to meet the challenge.

At the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, our logistical expertise was really put to the test. With so many events going on in a very limited amount of space, Vision knew that every minute and every movement counted. There were multiple room changes in a day; ballrooms were transformed into breakout sessions and back into ballrooms. Vision coordinated closely with the hotel staff and managed the “all hands on deck” method that allowed for the room and decor changes in such tight windows of time.

 Our careful planning of every detail meant we were ready for any pop-up requests during the event, which freed up the client’s time and allowed them to focus on their attendees.

 We even made it possible to squeeze in more attendees - virtually! Vision’s production team created a private channel on Livestream to broadcast their All-Hands General Session. Employees that were not able to attend, or those in international offices, didn’t miss a beat!

 For those physically in attendance, Vision helped to make the experience more… well physical . Team building activities took on a whole new meaning with the “SKOlympic Games”. Wii sports, mini basketball, and mini golf were just a few of the games that attendees played, which won a few lucky participants not only bragging rights, but an Amazon Echo and Beats by Dre. With live audiences, multiple events, participants from various countries, teamwork exercise games, and making the impossible possible, we didn’t hesitate to call this event an “Olympic” success.

 Vision’s goal was to take on all the heavy lifting for DocuSign’s meeting planners, allowing them to spend their time with attendees, hosting, schmoozing, and playing alongside the rest of the company. We look forward to our continued relationship with this growing and global company.