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Event Branding & Collateral

Turn your Event Into A Brand

The impact and breadth of creative development on a corporate event is frequently overlooked, underutilized or misunderstood. Sure, logo design and visually appealing PowerPoint slides are important—but how do they fit together?

The creative personnel at Vision specialize in identifying every opportunity to consistently and effectively brand an event—from pre-event registration through post-event surveys. Before our creative juices begin flowing, we first want to understand the goals of your event and how they might be supported through creative and branding. Your theme, audience, previous designs, competitors’ designs and industry trends are among the myriad details we’ll consider.

The creative personnel at Vision specialize in identifying every opportunity to consistently and effectively brand an event

Once the message is clearly defined, our designers craft a plan to integrate every moving piece of your event into a comprehensive, synergistic design concept. The color schemes, fonts and layout choices made in slide presentations will be considered when designing the event registration website; the logo will support the content of your keynote speeches; and the print collateral, giveaway items, event programs, signage, and even stage lighting will have the same look and feel throughout your event.

Creative design can either work like a series of individual snapshots or a cohesive story that builds upon itself. Vision will help you achieve the latter, and we’ll make sure you look good doing it.



Event Collateral

Your existing sales staff is the most well-trained, knowledgeable, resourceful group of people in the world to promote and sell your event. Unfortunately, an ill-equipped sales force is often one of the most underutilized, wasted resources in the marketing of an event. No matter how good a salesperson may be at selling a product, their effectiveness begins with a firm understanding of that product’s capabilities. Those of us in the event planning process sometimes take for granted that not everyone understands the nuances of an event the way we do.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your salespeople, Vision will help you create collateral items such as fact sheets, postcards, brochures, press releases and case studies to paint a full and accurate picture of why your event is worth attending. Our Graphic Designers are skilled at creating both digital and print collateral that can be widely distributed and repurposed in Social Marketing efforts. Our Copy Writers will ensure that frequently asked questions are addressed and impressive talking points are emphasized.

As your next event approaches, Vision will help you leverage your best asset—people—and arm them with the tools and talking points that make their jobs a breeze.