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Executive Retreats

Strategic Meetings in Remote Locales

When a group of executives need the space and privacy of a retreat setting, options are endless. Private golf villas on the water, ski lodges atop distant mountains, and boardrooms in far off cities may all be reasonable options. Based on the unique lodging, production, activity and transportation needs of each retreat, Vision will help you select a perfect venue and plan a schedule of activities catered toward your executives’ interests and preferences.

Instead of simply pointing you toward a few high-end properties, Vision will help you find a hidden gem that suits the atmosphere of the meeting."

 If your executive team needs privacy and enjoys the outdoors, a horse ranch in Montana might be the ticket. A celebratory summit with spouses in attendance, on the other hand, may be better suited for a venue with oceanfront dining and spa facilities.

Our database of executive getaways is as endless as those legendary Montana skies, and we’d be happy to put you in touch with others we’ve worked with to share stories, suggestions and favorite experiences. Near or far, relaxing or intense, we’ll design a unique event that gives your executives the space and inspiration to perform at their highest levels.