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Event Registration

Seamless Technology, Exceptional Hospitality

Effective registration is like an opening act—it sets the tone for how the rest of the show is going to feel. Vision specializes in building, running and maintaining an attractive, technologically advanced registration website before an event and offering the smoothest registration process to attendees onsite.

The best event registration integrates branding, marketing and detailed event information into a secure, convenient and technologically advanced process. Vision will implement a registration process that synchronizes with and enhances your marketing objectives, as well as one that provides a seamless user experience with top-notch customer service from start to finish.

Vision will implement a registration process that synchronizes with and enhances your marketing objectives

With the ability to track demographic information and send customized email blasts, Web-based registration with Vision will become a part of the event brand experience as well as a direct extension of your marketing strategy. Additionally, an effective registration database will enable better attendee management and will save countless dollars in areas such as food and beverage.


Vision’s registration services include:

  • Online Design: Design of branded registration website; assistance creating content for each section of the website; demographic collection; customized email confirmations; email blasts to all registrants with pertinent information.
  • Travel: Collection of travel itinerary during the event registration process; web-based reporting capabilities.
  • Reporting: Download of demographic information; ability to add and edit registrations; quality control of data; multiple access levels for reporting.
  • Technical Management: Secure Web Hosting (https); website maintenance and management; database development; site launch and closing; content adjustments.
  • Project Management: Design, implementation and reporting oversight; timeline management; onsite registration; badge and lanyard design and printing; email response management; post-event reporting.


We’ll make sure registration opens your show with energy and excitement, positioning the main act to blow the roof off this place (eyeliner and sequined jacket optional).