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Site Selection

Worldwide Hotel & Venue Sourcing

Sourcing an ideal event venue can be one of the most overwhelming steps in the event planning process—particularly if the event is being hosted far away from the home office. Potentially suitable properties abound, each with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. It often seems that the hotel with the best space is too far away from the airport; the one with the best room rates is directly beneath the roar of each airplane’s landing path; the one adjoined with the convention center has no available suites for executives; and the one that has everything you need also wants to charge a fortune for every pick point, room drop, parked car and square foot of meeting space. It’s a lot to sift through.

Since 2001, Vision has helped our clients source event venues on five continents and in more than 250 cities. With existing relationships at hundreds of hotels throughout the world, Vision will help you identify several potential properties, whittle down the choices as appropriate and structure contracts that meet your unique event needs.

Since 2001, Vision has helped our clients source event venues on five continents and in more than 250 cities.

While you may not have hosted an event at Bellagio, American Airlines Arena, or Qualcomm Stadium, Vision has. We’ll leverage our entire database of properties and network of relationships to alleviate the stress associated with site selection. Identifying the ideal venue for your event may be a tall order, but it doesn’t have to monopolize your time. Vision will handle all the research and streamline the process so you can focus on the high-level priorities of the meeting and choose the best of several great options—without the roar of jet engines in your ears. 

Expert Contract Review Process

Okay, so you’ve identified a venue with ample event space, housing for guests and proximity to city centers and airports—but how do you avoid getting tripped up by an unfavorable contract? The same way you avoid getting tripped up by a bad tax return: leave it to the professionals.

Unless you’ve been to law school or run a hotel sales department, contract review is an area where more can go wrong than right. Force majeure, attrition penalties, no-walk stipulations, deposit schedules, F&B minimums, load-in guarantees, housing commissions, liability insurance requirements, indemnification, exclusive use, and fire marshal approval are among the many clauses that can work in your favor—but probably aren’t designed to in the first draft of your contract.

We’ve negotiated more than $75 million in hotel contracts with less than 1% attrition paid

For more than a decade and across 20 countries, Vision has carefully reviewed and negotiated contracts to protect our clients’ interests. In fact, we’ve negotiated more than $75 million in hotel contracts with less than 1% attrition paid. With a staff comprised of former senior hotel management, salespeople, convention services managers, and revenue managers, Vision has a deep knowledge of hotel contracts and the type of clauses that may turn into pitfalls. During contract review and negotiation, we offer forward-thinking expertise to ensure our clients are always protected.

In most situations, companies booking events have more clout than they realize. Moreover, Vision has substantial buying power because of the volume of business our roster of clients brings to properties worldwide. We leverage our buying power and network of hotel salespeople to deliver unbeatable food and beverage minimums, attrition clauses, space rental fees, room rates and more. Protecting our clients’ budgets is an ongoing process in which we take tremendous pride, and it all begins with a favorable contract.