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Attendee Recruitment & Acquisition

Reach Your Core Demographic

Once thorough Market Research has been performed to flesh out the specific traits and demographics of your ideal attendees, the next step is to convert them from targeted leads into paying customers. Having a great product to offer is only half the battle; getting the right people to buy it is just as important.

Regardless of industry or geography, Vision has a long history of identifying potential attendees and converting them into not just customers—but ambassadors for your brand. Our team will work in lockstep with yours to target relevant customer segments and put the best, most persuasive information in front of them. We leverage Social Marketing tools, Event Websites, and Event Collateral to raise awareness and build your brand—and we are prepared to be as aggressive as needed to meet your event goals. On large outreach efforts, we can even scale our efforts to involve outbound call centers and ongoing Email Campaigns for maximum exposure.

If you’re curious how our efforts have worked in the past for companies such as McAfee, Austin Technology Council, Open Text and Citrix Systems, we’d love to share a few case studies with you and explain how we might approach your recruitment needs. No matter the size, no matter the industry, Vision is ready and eager to augment your attendee base with customized attendee recruitment solutions.

Email Campaigns - Promote Your Message

The most effective way to raise awareness for an event is through ongoing outreach that repeatedly puts key information in front of your best prospective customers. One of the most affordable ways to stay top-of-mind with potential attendees is through a carefully crafted, expertly produced Email Campaign.

Keynote speakers, headline entertainment and cutting-edge session content are all worthy of promotion in the months leading up to your event, and Vision’s marketing team will help you develop a buzz-worthy campaign to capitalize on your event’s most exciting elements. The best Email Campaigns establish a consistent look, feel, message and brand that will be carried into the event itself. Each successive email blast should galvanize the purpose and branding of your event in the minds of attendees and analysts alike. We’ll help you craft a plan that builds momentum in the months prior to the event and crescendos on day one of the event itself.

If you’re curious about promoting an event via Email Campaigns, we’ll be happy to show you samples from previous events and help you brainstorm how best to capitalize on your event assets. It’s all about momentum and we’re ready to get rolling as soon as you are.