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Event Marketing Strategy

While a comprehensive logistics plan will make it clear where, when and with whom every piece of your event will occur, the Event Marketing Strategy will answer the most important question of all: why.

As major events come together, a common pitfall is for the left hand to start making things happen without telling the right (via sign language, obviously). Vision’s foremost goal in your event marketing is to make sure every single endeavor works in tandem to strengthen the overall result. We work with you to start at square one and objectively evaluate the purpose and effectiveness of every event marketing decision in areas such as keynote speaker selection, budgeting, Social Marketing, Email Campaigns, headline entertainment and media relations.

Haphazardly sending out press releases and email blasts may result in some traction; aligning those efforts behind a carefully constructed message and marketing plan will amplify their effect exponentially. Curious what our comprehensive Event Marketing Plans look like? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to show you what’s worked for us in the past and, more importantly, why it works.