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Market Research

Understand Your Audience

Every event has one thing in common: the need for engaged attendees. Unfortunately, what those attendees have in common from one event to the next is ever-changing. Before Attendee Recruitment can take place, event managers and marketers need to have a firm understanding of who their ideal attendees actually are. The competition for event attendees is higher than ever before, as a tight economy restricts the amount of money companies are willing to spend on employee training and conferences. Moreover, every industry—from analytics to electronics, software to shipping—is crowded with competing events intent on becoming the industry bellwether.

In order to maximize return on your event investment, it is vital to perform a full and comprehensive analysis of your event market. Identifying ideal attendees, setting event pricing, selecting relevant presenters, building session content, contracting the right amount of event space, securing the proper number of hotel rooms and determining how much to spend on entertainment are all part of the event marketing process—and are all easier after effective market research has been performed.

Vision has a proven process for assessing the state of your industry’s events and leveraging that data to make informed decisions about pricing, attendee generation, entertainment and marketing strategies. Long before the Event Website is launched and programs are printed, Vision will help you understand exactly what to expect out of your event—and how to position it as the top choice for attendees in the years to come.