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Social Marketing

Connect with Your Audience

The advent of social media has impacted corporate events as directly and profoundly as the invention of LCD projectors, PowerPoint, online registration management and crème brûlée. The opportunity for event marketers to make direct contact and build long-lasting relationships with customers is at an all-time high and seems to grow by the day. The tools available to promote a brand online are powerful, accessible and immediate.

The key to effectively leveraging social marketing platforms is to integrate them with one another under a well-defined, consistent brand. Vision promotes a synergistic approach that enables various social media platforms to support and feed each other, thus building a cohesive and recognizable event brand across all outlets. Instead of creating one touch point—such as a Facebook group—or a series of separate entities, we structure marketing efforts so that a dedicated YouTube account will also provide fresh content for a Facebook group, which provides regular updates for a Twitter account, which also links to event photos on Flickr and so on.

Social marketing is one of the most effective and affordable promotional tools our industry has ever seen, and Vision will help you take full advantage of its capabilities—leaving plenty of extra money for a tower of crème brûlée in the staff office.