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7+ Year Client Relationship with Omniture/Adobe – Summit

In 2004, the first Omniture Summit was held on top of a mountain in Utah at the Snowbird Ski Resort. Omniture Founder and avid skiier, Josh James, recognized that the then relatively new world of online sales was going to need a marketing tool and he decided that his company was going to be the leader. From that first Summit to today there has been rapid growth in online advertising, social media, online video and mobile content.  Today, the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, Powered by Omniture, is the leading solution for businesses to optimize ad spend and conversion and the Adobe Summit event is now the premier technology conference for the web analytic industry. Vision has been an integral part of the events team each step of the way.

Vision first worked with Omniture for the second Summit in 2005 providing production and entertainment management.  There were only 270 attendees that year, but the energy and potential for future growth was apparent. Attendance increased quickly.  By 2008, there were 2029 in attendance.  As the conference grew, Vision’s scope of services increased as well.  Beginning in 2006, Vision has provided full service event management including, budget, hotel, logistics, food and beverage, transportation, evening parties and event staffing management.

In 2011 Summit was sold out at 2,600 attendees at the Grand American Hotel. In 2012, Summit relocated to the Salt Palace and have over 4,000 attendees, featured over 45 tradeshow booths and used nine satellite hotels to host its ever-growing audience. 

When your business is marketing, your own event branding and execution is put under even greater scrutiny.  Vision has remained a partner of Omniture, and now Adobe, for nine years because of our attention to detail and desire for high quality in all the areas that we manage.  The caliber of the guest experience is paramount and this is accomplished by the Vision team through strategic planning and conscientious execution.

Vision provides full service logistics event management:

Venue: Site inspections, site selection, contract negotiation, contract management, space allocation

Budget: Development, management, reconciliation

Room Block Management: The total number of hotel rooms managed has scaled each year with the size of the event. For 2012, 8 hotels including five main properties and three ancillary properties), with a total of 1,875 room nights on peak.

Evening Parties:  Design, management, vendor communications

Logistics Management: Venue space allocation, diagrams, fire marshal approval, insurance, security, event flow onsite communications. Vendor management. Food and Beverage management and BEO’s.  Transportation to and from airport and to off-site venues for attendees. VIP transfers.

Staffing: The size of the staff has increased over the years.  For 2012 Vision will provide a team of 12 managers pre-event and 26 managers onsite.  This pool of event professionals includes, seasoned, top notch contractors with extensive background in the event industry.

Onsite Staffing: Management of approximately 40 college interns who serve as onsite facilitators as well as approximately 20 event professionals who serve as event ambassadors and information stations.

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