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Audio-Visual Staging

Custom A/V Solutions

Audio-visual providers often love to brag about the massive warehouse where they store racks and racks of gear for your event. From LCD projectors to plasma televisions, lavaliere microphones to pipe and drape, they seem like audio-visual superstores with something new and exciting in every aisle!

The problem, as Vision sees it, is that companies with warehouses full of gear are understandably driven to rent the equipment sitting on their shelves—even if it’s not the best product or best value available for your event. And technology, as we know, moves almost too fast to measure.

Vision works with a network of audio-visual providers worldwide to secure the best equipment available at the best value anywhere in the world.

Rather than saddle you with last year’s technology or charge you full-pop for second-rate equipment, Vision works with a network of audio-visual providers worldwide to secure the best equipment available at the best value anywhere in the world. We frequently source equipment from multiple vendors and, in any case, oversee the complete budgeting, fulfillment, installation and strike of all audio-visual equipment on your behalf.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of gear you need to rent or the names of the items you’re paying for (what’s a switcher anyway?), and don’t be frustrated by an in-house audio-visual provider who won’t budge on pricing. Vision has been there before and we’ll help you secure the best audio-visual package at the best price every time.

Live Web-Casting - Reach A Worldwide Audience

Sometimes it simply isn’t cost effective or necessary to fly every worldwide employee to a town hall meeting, or to expect every worldwide customer to make it to your user conference. In an era when technology is immensely powerful and budgets may limit attendance, a live webcast can be an ideal solution to include distant customers, employees and analysts.

As part of the overall production plan, Vision can integrate live webcasting with any event we manage. Whether to generate additional revenue via virtual tickets or to keep employees stationed in the Antarctic branch informed of new expense report protocol, Vision will deliver a crisp, convenient feed of key event components to audiences anywhere in the world.

By partnering with some of the most experienced satellite and webcast providers in the country, Vision employs the same technology that networks such as ESPN use to broadcast major sporting events to distant corners of the globe. Careful event logistics, production and budgeting will enable your worldwide community to share in every hallmark moment of your event.

If space and budget are a concern on your next event (and when aren’t they?), let us share how webcasting might be a perfect solution.

Photography - Capture The Event As It Happens

Events are both an immediate branding tool and an opportunity to build future marketing collateral as well. For every person enjoying the dessert bar, a written testimonial awaits. For every attendee rocking out to the live entertainment, a highlight video is begging to be filmed. And for every frame-worthy moment of your event (and there are thousands), a photographer should be capturing photos for your next newsletter, website refresh, event registration website or online brochure.

On each event we manage, Vision encourages clients to hire one of our time-tested, highly-seasoned event photographers. Beyond the endless galleries of their accomplished work, each photographer we employ has extensive experience shooting live events. When the pyrotechnics go off during your CEO’s grand entrance, our team will be positioned for the perfect shot. When the band smashes its guitars to celebrate the best evening of corporate entertainment in history, our team will be close enough to feel the splinters.

Following each event, your marketing team will have full-license to use the material we have gathered. Additionally, our team is happy to cull the full photo library down to the best, most useful pictures, saving time for your team at no additional cost.

Whatever the event, whatever the scope, taking photographs now will position future events for greater success.