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Scenic & Decor

Custom Stage Design

If the clothes make the man, the scenic makes the stage. Sure, the low-maintenance, just-rolled-out-of-bed look holds a certain appeal if you’re a 20-something hipster, but it’s probably not the message you’re looking to send at your next event.

When attendees are spending several hours a day looking at the same stage, custom scenic and staging solutions are crucial in holding their attention. Moreover, visually appealing stage designs extend the lifespan of event photography and video. Vision has tons of experience and even more ideas about how to customize the design of your event without bloating your budget.

we have the personnel, experience and creativity to make it happen

Whether your event needs a sharp, tech-savvy presence or a custom-built, hand-painted backdrop that looks like a distant mountain range, we have the personnel, experience and creativity to make it happen. We’ll begin the process with renderings of your stage design and incorporate lighting elements, video screens, moveable backdrops and other techniques to give your stage maximum visual appeal and endless versatility.

Your attendees shouldn’t feel like they’ve stared at the same stage for days on end—and we’ll make sure a few subtle changes freshen the bed head right out of the room.