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Script Writing & Development

Consistent Executive Messaging

Whether an event requires fully-scripted, teleprompter-ready speeches for a handful of executives, video scripts for a series of general session videos, or a cue-to-cue for on-stage emcees, Vision’s creative team is ready, willing and well-versed in the art of crafting any and all content needed for your event.

In the case of speech and script writing, our marketing communications staff prepares by meeting with the key stakeholders on your team, performing in-depth company and industry research, and interviewing each person delivering a speech. With a well-rounded perspective of the status quo, we dive into the process of creating outlines, message maps, prompter-ready scripts and, generally, the stuff dreams are made of.

We let our creative juices flow and provide you with fresh, crisp content to share with your audience

Once we know you, your audience and your goals, we let our creative juices flow and provide you with fresh, crisp content to share with your audience. We’ve penned scripts and speeches of just about every variety and we’re happy to show you samples of how they turned out. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll start the wheels a’turnin!


  • Speech Writing 

Vision’s marketing department has extensive experience authoring content on behalf of others. In order to tailor speeches to individual speakers, Vision will implement conference calls and/or meetings as necessary a few months prior to the event to review any pertinent content with speakers, produce outlines and eventually craft speeches for the program. Additionally, we have a broad network of speechwriters available to contribute on specific topics or areas of expertise.

  • Executive Keynote Presentations

Sometimes a fully-scripted speech doesn’t suit the speaker or situation at hand. In those cases, Vision works closely with executive teams and other speakers to develop Keynote or PowerPoint presentations that support a message visually and allow the speaker to rely on an outline rather than a script.

  • Video Script

One of the best ways to open a General Session is with a custom video. Whether humorous or poignant, Vision will help craft a script that conveys the messaging you need to achieve.